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The Supreme Importance of the Court's Message

Judeo/Christian heritage, in fact despise our beginnings, prefering to shove us into a Communist collective. I strongly believe that the only way out of this assault on our God Given rights is to PRAY. God is the ONLY ONE who can heal this land because the inattention of the people have allowed the sabateurs to put our REpublic in mortal danger. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has the answer and promise. Check out The Harbinger, it's tells us where we are and where we go unless we wake up. The book is in novel form with tons of information, the dvd is a documentary narrated by the author.

"I feel like Justice Roberts cheated on me," said a friend, half in jest, half expressing honest disappointment. Having once emceed a "Women for Roberts" press conference for C-SPAN back in the day, I heard a lot of similar sentiments in the wake of his penning the majority opinion for the Supreme Court decision that "upheld Obamacare," as many have put it.

But the whole of the president's health care legislation wasn't actually the question before the Court.

I was not alone Thursday morning, thinking about the man who appointed the chief justice, former President George W. Bush. Reading the...