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The #@*&! Problem

You can say that again. This law is a throw back to the old Blue Laws that I grew up with. Some were good, like stores being closed on Sundays. We didn't miss going shopping on Sundays, that was a church day and family day. I am familiar with Middleborough, it's not far from where I grew up. However I don't believe passing a law with have any real effect, as somone pointed out we are in a sue happy culture. The only thing that will change the culture is an old fashioned God given Revival. I notice the resident God haters aren't happy with that but too bad, our culture has been in the pits in the past and it changed overnight once we had a great Awakening, and we've had two so far with smaller revivals.

BY A VOTE of 183-50, town meeting members in Middleborough, Mass., last week approved a bylaw making public cursing a civil offense and authorizing police to enforce the ban by fining offenders $20.

Town Hall may find it hard to collect on those fines. Assuming Cohen v. California is still good law, the First Amendment's protection of free speech extends to using four-letter words in public, and as soon as the new ordinance is challenged it will almost certainly be struck down. Legally, town authorities don't have a leg to stand on. But their concern with enforcing public standards...

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