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Students Pull Off Thanksgiving Event, Despite Being Stood up by Protesting Teachers

Exactly, we have a couple who are retired teachers on our street and they retired in their 5 0 's, got all the toys you could imagine on our dime and then they supported the ReCall AND Obama. When I was in school I had three primary school teachers I call Dragons. They were terrible to all the kids but their little darlin' pets. I made up my mind the teachers would have to prove themselves to me before I showed them respect when I had kids..they had some very good ones and a few nincompoops in both public and privated schools. The ones I saw on strike and demanding a recall of the Governor, earned my contempt..

Students and teachers from Old Rochester Regional Junior High School have teamed up for many years to serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to senior citizens in the school cafeteria.

But this year the teachers thought it would be an opportune time to bring their complaints about a lack of a collective bargaining agreement to the community. How? By refusing to participate in the traditional Thanksgiving event.

That’s right, as a way to protest their lack of a contract, the teachers bailed on the students and senior citizens. But the students and a group of volunteers kept the tradition alive on their...