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Social Conservatives: GOP Can't Live Without Them

AmyDB/Trog..Good discussion I would like to interject one thing regarding the atrocities of both the RCC and the Protestant churches. They practices a form of religion, they forgot the ONE they professed to follow. They forgot the CROSS and HIM CRUCIFIED and caused a lot of hurt and grief because of that SIN. I've been a Christian since I was five years old, attended the Episcopal church which back in my ancestral homeland burned dissenters; and later jailed and harassed them so much they left England for Holland and later landed in my home state, Mass. I am no longer a member of that denomination, joined my husbands Lutheran church for 15 years..and in both there is a form of religion. Ignorance in this modern era, power,
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 11:34 PM
and corruption and bigotry re: the jews they forced to convert. Both my husband and I are learning
about the CROSS and HIM CRUCIFIED..that's the key to the Christian faith, which sadly has been replaced by the rules and plans of men in many Churches. My ancestry and maiden name on my Dads side (British on both sides) is from Viking ancestors so at one time my own family members were
pagan albeit way in the past. There were atrocities on both sides for all human families but that's why
Jesus came to us in the flesh. So many Christians forget that it's not the church you attend it's what's in your heart that is important. When you come to Christ you are a new creation, the past is gone.
That's all, just appreciated your dialogue.
One of the largest elephants in the GOP's post-election room is the fate of Christian and other social conservatives. Party honchos can't just wish this problem away -- or, maybe they can.

There has been increasing hostility toward Christian involvement in politics, and the animus hasn't been solely from the left. To be sure, Democrats have taken the lead, demonizing conservative Christians as science-challenged scolds who don't care about women's "reproductive rights," but there is plenty of antipathy from certain elements within the Republican Party, as well.

Many establishment and some libertarian Republicans have long looked upon Christian conservatives with mild, condescending...