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President Obama's Drops His Family Friendly Mask

REally well how about the child who is now eleven who was abused sexually at the age of three - six by the former lesbian mother of the child. The mother repented and is a how healthy is that for a child who puts her comb up to her throat and tells her mother she wishes she could die? This is in the Hippie Heaven of Vermont, destroyed by the sexual deviants and hippies, out landers who took over that state. The perverted judge demanded the ex have visitation rights when she has no biological connection to this child. A Christian pastor who is a Mennonite helped the mother leave the country to protect her daugher from this pervert..the Pastor is now in jail for 27 months for helping her and refusing to tell the names of
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 7:41 PM
others who helped her in the Grand Jury. Don't you dare tell me that kids are not going to be molested by these so called adoptive's a given. They brag about how they will
go after our kids, one of those kids who was molested/seduced at age 14 was my adopted SON. Yet these reprobates in the courts push these children into dangerous situations to
make a politically point.

Just four years ago, candidate Barack Obama said he believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. "And God is in the mix." Who moved?

Say what you will about President Barack Obama's policies, millions of Americans voted for the man in no small part because his family represents a much yearned-for ideal. How much happier Americans would be if all our children lived in a stable, loving, married family with a mom and a dad--like the Obama family. Many writers expressed the hope that having these real-life Huxtables in the White House would turn around many devastating pathologies...