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Petraeus Scandal Diverts Focus From Benghazi Cover-Up

Hey they had the perfect opportunity many times. They all know that Barry is a felon and NOT eligible to be in the White House just for those crimes: 1. forged and late entered Selective Service Registration, instead of age 18 as the law requires, he was forty something when he filed in 2007 with an odd looking 8 in the bogus date; 2. the computer generated long form B C which indicates his presumed bio Daddy Obama was an AFRICAN when in 1961 he would have been listed as 'ne*grow; 3. My favorite..his stolen I D via his social security number issued to a Conn. resident born in 1890. That man rec'd his number on or about March of 1977, when Barry had to have had a number of his own because he supposedly worked in Honolulu as a soda jerk
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:07 AM
in a Basking Robbins, but since he is a pathological liar, who knows? He started using that stolen number in the early 80's presumably after the old man died..and was reported to have used in while in the W H in 2009. Now ask yourself, where would you or your kids be if you had committed these frauds? Certainly not parking your skinny carcass in the Oval Office.

I think I know what David Petraeus is thankful for this week.

Even though it appears the former CIA director lied to the House Intelligence Committee on Sept. 14, and may have lied again to the same committee on Nov. 16, he is starting to slip out of the inner ring of Benghazi cover-up suspects. We are losing sight of his official role in the deception as the media lens ossifies over a tawdry love triangle. For this, he must be thankful. Maybe to ensure the good fortune continues, Petraeus has hired Bob Barnett, the $975-per-hour Washington superlawyer to officials with issues...