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Obama's "Lazy": A Stunned MSNBC Host Gives Romney Surrogate Opportunity To "Take It Back"

As the mother of four boys and grandmother of 10 Mitt was right on. During the convention when they showed the home movies of Ann contending with those five ITCHES I remembered when I was home while my husband was either traveling in his job or working overtime..been there done that. I had four just lke those five boys, and most of my 10 grandsons are Itches too, never still always into something. Didn't think about MIttl using that as a comparison incalling Barry a little boy..but yeah. I doubt Barry was much of a REAL boy growing up, he was destroyed from birth and I pity him for that.

The tension is so thick during this segment with Romney surrogate, John Sununu and MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell. She seems like a lovely lady. Alan Greenspan should consider himself the luckiest guy on earth.

Be sure to stick around for the "look" by Mitchell at the end.