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Levin: What Kind of Commander-in-Chief Would Nominate Chuck Hagel?

I don't think he is THE Andti Christ but a type of Anti Christ. His demonic task is to bring down the only other country that was created out of Biblical principles from the beginning, while Israel was created by Amighty God Himself. And I don't believe Barry Soetoro whatever his latest alias is, will win this one, he is challenging GOD who has promised in His word that Jerusalem will never be divided whereas Barry and his muslim brotherhood brethren are determined to divide the Holy City and conquer it and then the rest of Israel. Wait and see, Barry will be taking a bath in the Red Sea just like the other Pharoah of Exodus who believed he was equal to GOD.

At the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Conference in 2008, then-Senator Obama stood before thousands of pro-Israel Americans and declared what appeared to be support for Israel. He explained that “the bond between Israel and the United States is rooted in more than our shared national interest; it’s rooted in the shared values and shared stories of our people.”

As the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East and the one unique example of a country in the region that allows freedom of speech and religion—as well as women’s rights—Israel has long been one of the U.S.’s strongest...