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No Shame, No Class

Not so, he does have friends, well one anyway, and that friend is VERY VERY VERY Important, he sees him one of the W H mirrors and in the many pictures scattered around the W H..he don't need no Steekin' friends because he's got Barack HUSSEIN Obama a.k.a Barry Soetoro Sarhbarkah a.k.a Harrison J Bounel (I stand corrected by me, he has more than one friend, the previous three and all the other ones on his 27 stolen Social Security numbers.. See, he's not lonesome at all because he's got himself. s/o

President Obama uses the occasion of the dedication of George W. Bush's presidential library to push his own version of immigration reform:

Well, after using George W. Bush for the past five years as a scapegoat, what would keep President Obama from using him again?