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Michelle Malkin Destroys Juan Williams, Again

Why because she tells the truth/ YOu are living a lie so obviously the truth hurts. I have no problem with those who live your kind of life, in GOD's eyes it is SIN, and we tell our adopted son the same thing. What those of us who are conservatives despise is the constant in your face rants from those want to force this culture to accept what is unacceptable. I pray daily that my son will not die in his SINS, he joined our family as a 9 mo old, he is MY SON. I want him to be with the rest of his family in heaven with the LORD. I pray that for you WILL, but you have to turn to HIM.

If you missed the last time Michelle Malkin debated Juan Williams, you can get up to speed here about how he called her "just a blogger." Last night on Hannity, Malkin took Williams to the woodshed again over President Obama's laundry list of lies and broken promises.