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"I Think You've Got Your Embroidered Knee Pads From The White House"

Well I know it's a joke since Bubba the Rapist and serial harasser but maybe we should come up with a better idea than the k pads, I know it's part of the vernacular now but we can still get our point across in a pointed way whenever we see the losers in public. She does reflect as does our reaction to her comment the utter contempt tht we have for these snobs who can't think critically and can only READ the news.

It seems as though some Romney supporters are frustrated by what they view as an obsequious, petty and biased political media establishment.  I can't imagine why.  Bravo to you, lady with the blue bandana, for bluntly articulating what is on millions of Americans' minds:

The knee pads line is classic.  Executive decision: This video officially qualifies for our 'Friday Fun' file.

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