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"I Think You've Got Your Embroidered Knee Pads From The White House"

Well, he may have meant it to be a slam but he is telling the truth..Barry is an ARAB, per his claimed bio Daddy's pedigree. 50% white, 7 % BLACK AFRICAN (not Black American) and 47% of the slaver tribes, the Luo's who kidnapped other blacks and sold them to the slavers who shipped them to our hemisphere where Barry's mama's family BOUGHT THEM.

It seems as though some Romney supporters are frustrated by what they view as an obsequious, petty and biased political media establishment.  I can't imagine why.  Bravo to you, lady with the blue bandana, for bluntly articulating what is on millions of Americans' minds:

The knee pads line is classic.  Executive decision: This video officially qualifies for our 'Friday Fun' file.

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