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Glass Jaw O-ba-ma

One of my sons and family had to leave as his job demands he be in the South through the winter so he, his wife and son all voted Romney last week. We are waiting til election day. Then I hope I will be able to not be a nervous wreck for the rest of the's the cheating that worries me. Funny POUTUS had to show his photo I D in order to vote in Chicago and has worked to ST OP voter I D in the States..very telling.
Michael Bowler (formerly Michael) Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 3:48 AM
Since he LIVES IN DC, why is he voting in Chicago?
With the way the media covers the voter ID thing, it is interesting the democrats in Chicago would ask to see his, methinks they were told to. The effect on the dolts in the public who don't pay attention would be to believe that democrats are trying to keep the vote honest...since they've been caught cheating by James O'Keefe all over the nation, the public relations battle is intense.

If Peggy Noonan is correct, and the president’s performance in the first debate revealed him to be “[p]etulant, put upon, above it all, full of himself,” then the two weeks since have shown him to own what they call in the world of boxing, “a glass jaw.”

A glass jaw is the inability of a fighter to take a direct hit, one on the chin, a roundhouse. Once hit, a glass jaw boxer goes down and usually doesn’t get back up. If he does manage to get on his feet, he staggers around, lost and confused. for the rest of the...