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Sorry about the typos, am a stroke survivor and my hand tends to go on strike.
Looney you DemonRats must be really terrified of my great HONEST Governor with all these attacs n his integrity. Whteve he does in the future he has the votges of me and mine. I REFUSE to consider any DemonRat running, the DemonRATS booed my God in 2012 and are GBABY TORTURERS i.e. deaths by dismemberment aking the muslim terrorists alook asharmlessas doves.
Think Monsanto and it's politically protected via Roy blut R MO Frnkenseeds/plants called GMO's Corn is one of the Genetically engineered seed crops and the government is providing feed containing corn syrup..go figure GM O's hurt human health although greedy corpration's deny it and pay of embersof Cogress for protection Monsanto creates GMO seeds to by Rond up Ready, a pesticide within theGMO plants so it's a n brainer why we arelosing our bees. Europe has banned such crops
Dingy has a conscience? Who knew?
He wouldn't go to that kind of a hospital, I mean he is too important, he would have been taken to the best, Walter Reed VIP suites. Why would he bother associating with the lower classes after he has finally wormed his way up to the big time from that center of culture in the Nevada desert, Searchlight..O silly me, he has himself a fancy dancy suite in one of the finest hotels in D C on OUR DIME or OUR DIME THAT he has stolen with one of his real estate scams.
That's a nice cover he is that bad to be in the hospital he needs to put out to pasture. But. but he is important ya know, can't have him retire. There could be more to it than we know, he does not look all that well..but then that is because of his nasty disposition.
These people go after Christians like they did Phil because they know in their hearts that they cannot attack GOD ALMIGHTY. They have a childish mindset regarding God, when they attack Christians and that is the old 'You ain't the boss of meeeee'! They are rebelling against their Creator. And in order to keep the 'born that way' charade that gives them an excuse to lead their perverse lives they have to attack those who were in the same addictive trap, yet escaped with the help of GOD and the support of His people and ministries.
Yep, one of those 'hate crime' thingys that only apply to 'some' American citizens, those of the unapproved caste.
racist? How so? Interesting. I guess whenever I mention my BI racial adopted son's sinful life, i.e. a homosexual since a predator seduced him when he was 14, or if my husbands talks to him and we both let him know that he is living a SINFUL life and will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he repents. Yeah he is a homosexual but we would say the same thing if he was shacking up with a woman. So our loving our son and HATING his SIN makes us racist's. Yeah right. What will Wilson say when he stands before Almighty God as we all must do someday?
The basic doctrine is THE CROSS AND HIM CRUCIFIED. All anyone needs is that, no bells, whistles or gadgets. Any other form of belief that doesn't preach/teach that is NOT Christian. The Church was created by Jesus Christ NOT a man named Joseph Smith or any other mortal man. Believers are the Church, not a building, not a particular belief/doctrine of any thing that is by man..
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