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Well they ain't living in Israel where they are targets for the trrierists. They are like most DemonRATS, ethnic Jews, DemonRATS= ethnic American traitors.
O Riff, doncha know Lurch served in Vietnam? Don't forget that bumblebee suit he has for windsurfing and he's proven what a solid windbag he is. Why he even got himself some medals for the few scratches he gave himself when he served in Vietnam. You do know that doncha, he served in Vietnam..he's a reel Herow!
Agree. he needs to be rmoved via Impeachment but his best buddy, the Weeper has taken that off the table, instead he is suing the jerk, what a joke!
You forget that he was recovering from back surgery and on pain killers. I think he was foolish to attempt running after that. I know what back pain can do, having lived with it since I was 17 although even following surgery I did not take pain killers. I don't do well on prescription patent medicines.
Well aren't the careerist Establishment bunch of RepublicRats enough? I'm fed up with the lot of them in Congress. I am an independent, and vote GOP because I would never lower my standards to vote for any DEMON RAT. That is how I look at them, the same people who booed my God and murder and torture God's precious babies to death by dismemberment. Their President is the worst of the worst and is complicit in the torture of these little ones. He has no heart..he is a cold, fish with a drug fried brain.
Go for it Rick. It will be refreshing to have a real leader in office, a MAN with the courage of his convictions
OOO Fauxcahauntus is going on the warpath.
looney put a lid on it, you prove over and over by your inane comments you do not have a clue. Ever hear "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you." God's words to Abraham. Be careful what you say your gang of baby torturers not only booed God once but three times in their convention and that will not please the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He's long suffering but there will come a day when those who celebrate the murder of Israelis will have to answer to Him. I can't forget that Jewish family that was slaughtered in their own home by some teenage devils, one a three month old baby girl. Israel should tell the world to bug off and give their enemies no quarter. Me and mine are praying for Israel and her people.
What about the American kids tortured to death by the Demon RATS? Anythibng goes with the Demon RAT worship of chemosh and molech when it come to abortion at any stage of gestation.
wELL SAID, I LOOK ON THIS Anti God gang of demoniacs as nothing but Baby torturers, participating in child sacrifice to their gods Chemosh and Molech. Check out the O T and see what will happen to them should they boo God and refuse to turn to Him. He's patient and long suffering but there will come a time. They need to warned to change.
wELL sUGAH, I am neither a man nor a member of a political party. I am an Independent who votes my Values, Christian values and therefore vote Republican. I wouldn't soil my hands voting for any Demon RAT baby torturer or supporter of perversion. DEAL WITH IT!
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