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Barack HUSSEIN Obama is an enemy of the Cross, just like his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood
Has anyone rad Georg Washington's vision, which h had at Valley Forge. Some people scoff but having read it a couple of times it seems very prescient. He was accurate regarding the Revolution and the decads following, ditto the Civil War and the final, third part seems to be coming to pass. We are in the pickle w find ourselves because we have forgotten the words of the Founders, wasn't it Madison that said our form of government will only succeed when we the people are a moral and religious people. We have fallen far away from the vision and faith of our Fathers and so have the American churches, many prefer to count heads, amass funds while tickleing ears, thus dumbing down sound doctrine. Our only hope is what God has told us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and His promise to heal our land. The third section mentions that we wre losing to foreign invaders from all across the world until the people humbled themselves and repented of our many personal and national sins. Does anyone think a nation that tortures innocent preborn babies to death and calling it a 'right" in the Constitution, a document that was born out of prayer? or endorsing perversion? Electing born LIARS to High Office and allowing that LIAR to continue the path of destruction his Master Belial laid out for him will survive?
Is that what he is? Who knew? Lurch the tax dodger.
I will NEVAH forget his treason. What else can one expect from a dumb as a rock gigolo?
Thanks Bubba, well said but these liberal nincompoops don't have the mental capacity to understand what you said. They are the perfect definition of insanity, doing the same things over and over and expecting them to work.
Looney have you ever heard the warning from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob where he spoke to Abraham and said "I will Bless those who Bless you and Curse those who curse you." . that said, maybe the curse is the current regime. Kerry and Obama and you for that matter are perilously close to thin ice.
I'm surprised he hasn't called the Israeli's defense forces akin to Genghis Kaahn as he did when he LIED to Congress about our military in Vietnam. Thank God for the Swift boat heros, they swamped his pusillanimous campaign for good.
P S Looney, the Israelis' have a Real Man in Bibi, a fmr, Spec Forces Commando. What do we have? Obama who is not fit to be in the company of such a man.
Well they ain't living in Israel where they are targets for the trrierists. They are like most DemonRATS, ethnic Jews, DemonRATS= ethnic American traitors.
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