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Dittos!I learnd to hate unionism from my early teens when the AFL/CIO invaded my beautiful home town and ruined it and drove the mill that built it not only out of town but out of state that being MA. Split my large immigrant family that was very close but some followed the mill while the rest stayed in town, I have cousins I grew up with that I haven't seen in over 40 years. The debacle caused by the unions in MAD CITY and the defacement of our capitol brought all the memories back. The unions deserve everything they got and Scott Walker has meand mine's votes for as long as he chooses elective office. Thank you Governor. And yes our property taxes and taxes have also gone down, now if we can get this Federal DemonRAT election fraud decision overturned we will no longer be a Blue State.
Ditto, don't forget how they helped sandbag the best candidates in the primary race, fon't forget how thy let the Demon Rats cheating hold when Allen West was defeated by the votes ofmore people than were registered in his district. They'd prefer to lose than win with dedicated conservative patriots. They tried their best to sandbag Renaldus Magnus but he outsmarted them. So now we have Wimpus Maximus no thanks to them.
Follow the money. Look what the Kentucky Kickback King said and did when Ted and Mike Lee dilibustered all that night last year; look what the King has called us Tea Party people. I'm sorely tempted to hope he loses to the Demon RAT, if not then I hope we have enough of OUR candidates in the Senate to depose this corrupt little kinglet. I don't think McConnell has ever had an honest job in his life.
DUH It's the C onstitution stupid, ait is the Housde that indicts and impeaches and the Senate that tries and convicts. Senator Cruz as all other Senators don't have the power under the Constitution.
I think there are two kinds, those who hate God for whatever reasons and those who don't believe and don't make an issue over those of us who do
It's their way of telling the GOD they don't believe in "You ain't the boss of me".
The Enemies of the Cross aren't done yet. There was a piece on FOX about a secret yep I said SECRET DEAL between WIconsins favorite trouble makers, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the IRS to go after pastors, priests and minister wh DARE use the pulpit to inform their flocks thus threatening the tax exempt status of the church. Suggestion: Demolish the IRS and that communist Tax Code, fire the whole lot; give us a sane and AMERICAN tax system not the PROGRESSIVE version we are stuck with today no thanks to the corrupt political parasites in both parties who love to tax, but how many have 'forgotten' to pay theirs? Turbo Timm Geithner Demon RAT, Charlie Rangel Demon RAT to name just a couple , feel free to add more.
It's the same reason Chris Stevens and the others were murdered in Benghazi..Dead men tell no tales. There is that story that Stevens was tasked with recovering weapons from Libya and shipping via Turkey to Syria. And we are constantly told it's not true by the powers that be and the drivebys if they says anything at all.
Remember when Stephy Stephanopoulous corrected him when he say 'my Muslim faith" on live t.v.?
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