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Boston Mayor Refuses to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ in Charlotte

I bet he would accept a halal meal. He literally gave the muslims in Boston some prime, expensive land on which to build what is the largest mosque in New England. They got it for a song. And I bet he sang another song on his way to his bank with the kick back he got in return. I wish the rest of my family could escape that state like I did decades ago. Yeah WI was essentially a Demon RAT Blue State however things are looking up with our great young Governor Scott Walker. I wouldn't move back for any amount of money as much as I miss my family, love the seafood and the Cape, not worth it.

After Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy came out in support of traditional marriage earlier this year, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sent Cathy an angry letter threatening the company to “back out of [their] plans to locate in Boston.” The mayor’s intimidation tactic sparked quite the controversy, which surfaced a number of issues including economic bullying, free speech and competing definitions of marriage. Thus, it’s quite ironic that a Chick-fil-A lies just below the lobby of the Massachusetts delegation's hotel. According to The Boston Herald Truth Squad, the fast food chain isn’t getting much love, either.

Down at the DNC...