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Alan Colmes: Don't Hold Susan Rice Accountable Because She's Black

AMEN, however I know there were millions of believing American citizens who prayed for weeks about the fact the group I was praying with posted it's last prayer on election day that GOD's Will be done. Shocked many of us that it wasn't the outcome we expected but I do Know HE gave us this Republic and it was Dedicated following his inauguration by George Washington, and then he led his government to a prayer service in the Chapel that was in the shadow of the WTC. We are in exile because it's GOD's purpose at this time, just keep praying and seeking HIS face, that's about all we can do. And one day, hopefully soon the Scoffers will either believe or be weeping and wailing.

I've been hoping that the race card would be played out by now but sadly, it isn't. Yesterday on America Live with Megyn Kelly, liberal Alan Colmes said Republicans shouldn't be criticizing Susan Rice because she's a black woman. Colmes argued that the optics of Republicans "attacking minorities" don't look so good.

"I just don't think it is wise for Republicans on the heels of the election to pick as their first target an African-American woman, a very accomplished one just by a purely political, strategic standpoint."

“The first thing they do after an election is to...