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A Culture War or a War Against Christ?

O h he will come down with a huge crash and it won't be by man, he's already spat in GOD's face with his scheme to ring Israel with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and arming el QUEDA with arms acquired by the Late Chris Stevens, you know one of the four Americans he refused to rescue..guess in his warped mind, the old maxim might work..DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. He may think he is a PHaroah tasked with destroying Israel but he's got another think coming.

Some in the media have popularized the term “culture war,” giving the impression that the war being waged against Christianity is the same thing as a war against everything that is traditional.

But in 2013, let’s change the term. Let’s call it what it is: “A war against Christ.”

Certainly there are many American traditions rooted in Christian teaching and history. But mixing some traditions with what is purely Christ-honoring—although it may recruit support from non-Christian traditionalists or conservatives—dilutes the Christian dye.

Take for example the ACLU’s war against Christians praying in public schools while obliging Muslims the ability make their...