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Taking Down Fast and Furious: It Wasn't Botched

Make that totally EVIL and it makes more sense. Ever wonder why Barry refuses to do anything about the border, infact he is worse than Bush in that regard. My theory has been that all the decades the so called War on Drugs has been on the books or whereever it's parked, it's failed. Why? Could it be there are those in HIGH places who are profiting from the Drug and Human slave trade? This corruption didn't just start with the Obama regime, it's been ongoing for some 40 years in the shadows. Once you kick God out of the public square anthing goes and down the road when it's 2008, the devil comes out of the shadows.


That is the word the mainstream media too often associates with the federal gunwalking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious—but in her new book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up, investigative reporter Katie Pavlich fearlessly chronicles exactly why the only thing "botched" about the ill-fated operation was the Obama administration's shoddy attempt to cover their tracks.

Having shared office space with Katie for well over a year now,...