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Obama: I Wish I Could Impose My Will on Congress

TeamAmericaWorldPolice Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 1:24 PM
Glenn Beck talked a lot about these type of progressives. Woodrow Wilson's favorite book (according to Beck) was Phlip Dru: Administrator. From one commenter: "...The book advocates the violent overthrow of the constitutional government and proposes a communist/socialist system as its replacement. Considering that the man who wrote this book had such a close position to the president, it's no surprise that some of the ideas in this book eventually became public policy."

During President Obama's first term, he made it clear he wasn't too fond of Congress. Now in his second term, he's giving off the same attitude. During a speech today in Burma, Obama said although he's like to impose his will on Congress, he can't.

“As President, I cannot just impose my will on Congress — the Congress of the United States — even though sometimes I wish I could,” he stated. “The legislative branch has its own powers and its own prerogatives, and so they check my power and balance my power.”

It's fair...