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It's Over: West Concedes

TeamAmericaWorldPolice Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:30 PM
okay usmc: Do we still have troops and bases in Germany and Japan? If so, how does this constitute leaving, boy? Did we pay to rebuild them, boy? Then they are OURS, boy. We have territories now, boy. We have military bases worldwide, boy. Why, boy? So anyway, boy, the point was that even though I'm against the US colonizing other places, Western Christians HAVE spread advanced civilization. Get it, boy?
spartacus3344 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:36 PM
I see your point. But do any of those host countries pay us taxes? Do we impose our laws on them? Or do we spend our dollars on their local wares? Do their economies do better with our bases there?

You keep using the word "colony", I do not think it means what you think it means....
TeamAmericaWorldPolice Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:38 PM
spartacus - it's what you call an overarching theme...
TeamAmericaWorldPolice Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:33 PM
and, boy, note the difference between almost every other former or current member of our Armed Forces here on TH and YOU.

They are reasonable and can debate in a sensible manner.

You? Not so much. You are inconsistent in your thoughts and standards.

After a long two week recount battle, Col. Allen West has conceded to Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy in the race for Florida's 18th congressional district. West issued a statement early this morning on his Facebook page about his decision, strongly emphasizing his campaign's efforts to preserve a fair and clean democratic process.

For two weeks since Election Day, we have been working to ensure every vote is counted accurately and fairly.  We have made progress towards that goal, thanks to the dedication of our supporters and their unrelenting efforts to protect the integrity of the democratic...

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