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"A minimum wage in this range is hardly absurd or extreme. In 2012 dollars, the American minimum wage was over $10 in 1968 during our peak of postwar prosperity and full employment.[viii] The average minimum wage in Canadian provinces is currently well over $10 per hour, the national figure for France is more than $12, and Australia has the remarkable combination of a minimum wage of nearly $16.50 together with 5 percent unemployment.[ix]"
"The resulting one-time inflationary spike would slightly raise living expenses for everyone in our society, but the immediate 20% or 30% boost in the take-home pay of many millions of America’s lowest income workers would make it easy for them to absorb these small costs, while the impact upon the middle or upper classes would be totally negligible. An increase in the hourly minimum wage from the current federal level of $7.25 to (say) $12.00 might also have secondary, smaller ripple effects, boosting wages currently above that level as well."
"Perhaps consumers would pay 3 percent more for Wal-Mart goods or an extra dime for a McDonald’s hamburger, but most of the jobs would still exist and the price changes would be small compared to typical fluctuations due to commodity and energy prices, international exchange rates, or Chinese production costs."
"With direct replacement via outsourcing or automation unlikely, employers responding to a higher minimum wage would be faced with the choice of either increasing the wages of their lowest paid workers by perhaps a couple of dollars per hour, or eliminating their jobs. There would likely be some job loss,[vii] but given the simultaneous rise in labor costs among all competitors and the localized market for these services, the logical business response would be to raise prices by a few percent to help cover increased costs while also trimming current profit margins." more
"The American right is free-market libertarian, even social Darwinist,..." With taxpayer money bailing corporations out for the past 20 years - I don't think so...
Carlos - what the heck are you talking about? The govt should have nothing to do with marriage. Leave it to the churches where it belongs. However someone wants to live they should not have to check in with the govt.
the author makes many fine points and it could be a winner for Repubs. I don't think Americans would mind paying an extra ten cents per burger if they had to pay less in taxes overall to subsidize lay abouts. I get your point about automation but if it were such a bargain why wouldn't owners do it already? And the main point of the article is that a lot of services cannot be automated.
Carlos - why don't you read the article before commenting?
Here's an idea - raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour. "The generally low-end jobs catalogued above are entirely in the non-tradable service sector; they could not be outsourced to even lower-paid foreigners in Bangalore or Manila. Perhaps there might be some incentive for further automation, but the nature of the jobs in question – focused on personal interactions requiring human skills – are exactly those least open to mechanical replacement. Just consider the difficulty and expense of automating the job of a home health care aide, child care worker, or bartender."
The vast majority of Republicans are ChickenHawks, including their leaders like Cheney, Krauthammer, Graham and Santorum. The Dems were briefly anti-war but have now embraced it. The Repubs could gain some voters by developing an Anti-Neocon Foreign policy but they are too Stupid to do so.
The Neocons and other Republican Big Govt Loyalists should love this: Police with drones! The important thing is that the Authorities are keeping us safe...
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