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So anyway, this could be a winner and actually make financial sense for Republicans. Couple that with an anti-Neocon direction in foreign policy and the Repubs could win a vast majority of voters. Or y'all can keep being stubborn.
Well, Marc - you Repubs SURE do LOVE Foreign Aid and nation building and doing security for foreigners don't you? Why not try it at home?
Actually, Libertarians are quite aware of both sides pilfering tax payer dollars.
We're already transferring money from the middle class etc to the poor and working poor. Raising the minimum wage would have several collateral advantages.
Bob- that's what I was always told: minimum wage equals BAD. Then I started reading. Here is where the quotes are from: If you think about it: the American Boom started in the 1950's. The rich executives were taxed at an extremely high rate and the blue collar workers were making very good money. Since we are a service industry country now, there is no competition since you can't outsource your day care to India. Read the article. It makes as much sense as all the crazy tax codes we have now.
JC- your statement makes zero sense. Union wages are NOT attached to minimum wage. They have nothing to do with each other because Unions are manufacturing jobs for the most part. Minimum wage is mostly service jobs. If the minimum wage was higher - welfare roles might drop. Plus, immigrants would have fewer jobs due to sudden American competition for those jobs.
"Ironically, it is likely that major elements of the private sector would be perfectly happy with this arrangement. For example, despite their low-wage and anti-worker reputation, Wal-Mart’s top executives lobbied Congress in 2005 for an increase in the minimum wage, concerned that their working-class customer base was growing too impoverished to shop at their stores.[xi] Wal-Mart might never be willing to raise its wages in isolation, but if a higher minimum wage forces all competitors to do the same, then prices can also be raised to help make up the difference, while the large rise in disposable consumer income would greatly increase sales."
American Liberal - son, your Democrats are just as interested in making money as Repubs and neither group cares about survival of the fittest. They have rigged the game. You can look it up, son.
"Leaving aside the obvious gains in financial and personal well-being for the lower strata of America’s working class, there would also be a large economic multiplier effect, boosting general business activity in our weak economy. America’s working poor tend to spend almost every dollar they earn, often even sinking into temporary debt on a monthly basis.[x] Raising the annual income of each such wage-earner couple by eight or ten thousand dollars would immediately send those same dollars flowing into the regular consumer economy, boosting sales and general economic activity. In effect, the proposal represents an enormous government stimulus package, but one targeting the working-poor and funded entirely by the private sector."
"A minimum wage in this range is hardly absurd or extreme. In 2012 dollars, the American minimum wage was over $10 in 1968 during our peak of postwar prosperity and full employment.[viii] The average minimum wage in Canadian provinces is currently well over $10 per hour, the national figure for France is more than $12, and Australia has the remarkable combination of a minimum wage of nearly $16.50 together with 5 percent unemployment.[ix]"
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