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no kidding... read the article...
Actually, JC - libertarians are practical above all else which differentiates us from Repubs and Dems. Under the current tax system this idea seems to make the most sense. If you want to get rid of the IRS i'm all for it. These are two different arguments.
Off to enjoy the day. Think it over. Or just keep banging the same ol' drum into oblivion.
usmc - when was the minimum raise last increased? Has the cost of living remained the same? Maybe you should go back to bed.
I guess we were communists in the 1950's - 1960's eh?
http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/raising-american-wages-by-raising-american-wages/ You should try reading, usmc.
"You are correct, but evidently Team does not have a very good grasp of basic economics like we do." Sure. Whatever you say. When are you experts going to bring back manufacturing jobs so your econ 101 laws will work again? Unz seems to know what he's talking about. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/raising-american-wages-by-raising-american-wages/
"You're suggesting that the national economic boom was due to a high minimum wage??" Who said that? Pay attention. Read the article. There was NO competition after WWII. There is LITTLE competition for SERVICE jobs in America. Figure it out from there. Besides, the facts are that the minimum wage in 1968 was around $10 per hour. So whether we agree or not it DID happen.
No, it wouldn't Bob. Why would we be ridiculous? I take it you don't want Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and Unemployment insurance either, right? Because if they are good then why not make them even MORE good?
So anyway, this could be a winner and actually make financial sense for Republicans. Couple that with an anti-Neocon direction in foreign policy and the Repubs could win a vast majority of voters. Or y'all can keep being stubborn.
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