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I just saw video of convicted child molestor Jerry Sandusky on CNN. For some reason, Sandusky reminds me of Mitt Romney. Huh, I wonder what Jerry Sandusky and Mitt Romney could have in common?
I'm pleased Mutt-boy Romney is making a comeback and that delusional Republicans and tea baggers actually believe he has a chance to win. More dirty Republican blood money will go into Romney's campaign rather than Congressional races. It will be all the more fun and feel good to see Mutt-Boy Romney lose and give that concession speech on election night.
I would engage but you're too busy letting screwball Don Imus form your opinions. Let me know when you have an original thought. That is, I'll never hear from you. Debate over. You lose!
@ Panda & Anne You only wish you could debate me. You know nothing about leadership or government. I'd get a bigger challenge debating 5-year-olds than either of you. You both are truly pathetic.
Mitt Romney plans to double down on the sucessful policies of President Obama that got bin Laden. Mutt-boy Romney vows to send in Seal Team 6 to get Big Bird!
President Obama brought the most evil terrorist in history to justice Osama bin Laden... Mutt Romney swears he'll do just as well -- he vows to bring down Big Bird!
You mean like this -- you're an idiot. LOL!
BREAKING ... the Paul Ryan campaign is floundering. Mitt Romney has suggested changing strategies to his boss but Paul Ryan wants to keep pressing forward with the current strategy of losing.
This is coming out of nowhere. Another strange and erratic move by the Paul Ryan campaign. These boys really have no idea what they're doing. The Ryan campaign is the best comedy out there.
LOL ... the Ryan-Romney camapign has reached a new level of desperation.
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