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Teachers Union Rides First Class on Philadelphia Schools’ Gravy Train

tdoscher Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 1:19 PM
This is the same school district that was PROVEN to be cheating on SAT test scores, giving students answers to bolster thier scores. Check the past news stories, you will see. Their defense of a teacher interviewed was: Well, I only give answers if they ask, and their scores were too low. It's Bush's fault for No Child Left Behind. Talk about blame-shifting. Ahe cannot even take blame for being a cheater, and encouraging others to cheat.

PHILADELPHIA – Every pay period, the Philadelphia school district puts $155 per union member into a special fund that helps educators pay their personal legal bills, which includes everything from routine legal advice to estate planning.

That single perk, nestled deep within the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ union contract, cost taxpayers $2.6 million during the 2010-11 school year. It also contributed to the district’s financial woes, which led to 2,200 teachers being laid off last year.

The “PFT Legal Services Fund” is just one example of Philadelphia public schools’ extravagant spending practices, which are the focus of’s latest investigative...