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You obviously don't read the liberal comments on liberal sites.
Why is it ok to presume that a "juan valdez" might support a hispanic, but not ok for an LDS to support an LDS? Intellectual honesty people. Come on. Black conservatives voted for Obama. Was it because he was tall?
LOL Awol? You mean that fabricated document that got Rather canned? By touting that you verify your dishonestly...or incompetent....likely are after all a liberal. And that "chimp" scored higher than Al Gore did at the same university....but you give the Algore a Nobel Prize for a sci-fi film. You guys are hilarious.
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Let’s Help Academia Destroy Itself

tdixon Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 10:24 AM
kathleen is correct. Jay_p you've provided a great case study. Thanks for the contribution. Jay_p's response: "Dude, I don't know what you just said."
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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

tdixon Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 7:51 AM
The school's policy is so self-evidently absurd it shouldn't require discussion. It's a civil rights issue, not a "Christian" issue. So what the next steps: So now is a muslim group is going to have to have some Westboro Baptist Church lackey as their "teacher"...since we know the Westboro freaks love to jump into this kinda stuff. Are Jewish groups now going to have to accept avowed Neo-Nazi's as their "teachers" if they apply. That Rollins cannot immediately see the anti-intellectual nature of their policy speaks directly to their capacity to educate and they general concern, or the lack there of, for the students in their care.
excellent points. The differentiated instruction lauded today as necessary is a standard of the homeschool environment. Its also in the multi-age classroom. It's when you lump ever kid of the same age in a class and force them to study the exact same thing, even expect them to develop at a steady "average" rate, that you do them a disservice. Studies show that almost no kids develop at a straight line rate (eg. the average rate). Thus, every kid being held to the "average" standard is basically underserved. No surprise we fail to adequately engage students in school.
NOS - while your above comments are quite polite and seemingly mature, you have plenty in this post that bear a condescending tone. Regarding your "I have no desire to control your thoughts or actions" I would have to disagree. The very support of DC based standardization is an act of thought and educational control. It is essentially a modern form of intellectual censorship. "Teach what we tell you to teach and nothing more." Incidentally, the gross ineffectiveness and undeniable impracticality of Race to the Top is well documented. Being in the public school system now I can assure you that it has created great chaos...pitting teachers against administrators and districts against parents. Only politicians gain from it. the forward and introduction of the book if you don't have the time to read it all.....
The problem is not the Department of Education. The biggest problem is that the general public, conservatives and liberals alike, do not have a clear understanding of what the role of the public school is. They think the public school is a place for educational excellence. Unfortunately, since the Civil Rights Act, The Americans with Disabilities Act and the subsequent court cases dictating mandatory school protocols, schools have a legal duty to rectify social inequalities. I don't like it, but it is the law. If conservatives want reform they need to tackle those laws that are driving the policies. There needs to be legislation that allows teachers and educators to do what is in the best interest of ALL the students, not just some.
There are almost no college degree dependent careers that do no presume the basic understanding of Algebra. When the job says "college degree required" it might as well say, has been trained in mathematic problem solving, grammar, history, etc. as well as what their specific major. Algebra is used in everyday life in things as simply as calculating times and volumes of things used in most jobs. A college degree implies that one has that basic analytical training. Whether your degree is in film making, history, horticulture or journalism, there is a understanding that you've been trained in the basic analytical strategies of algebra. Take it out and the "universal" degree becomes more a trade certificate.
Not sure I understand the objection to this video. He as President is entitled to submit whatever he wants. The Legislature is entitled to ignore it, vote on it, whatever. They are separate branches. If the Legislature ignores it they will likely suffer in the eyes of the people. If they vote on it and it fails they will then be able to explain why. It all depends on what he submits. This is typical presidential Bully pulpit stuff. As a conservative I don't have a problem with him forcing an issue when both sides of the isle are too busy "deal-making" that they can't vote on anything. It's what Pres. plans to do when the legislature defeats his proposal that concerns me.
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