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Let Obamacare Fail on Its Own

tdevlin Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 2:21 PM
It will never be fixed if it goes into effect. They refuse to fix Medicare or Social Security. The Republicans have to stand for something or they become irrelevant. Karl Rove is a loser along with McCain and any of the Rinos that may run in the future. Romney would have been a good, caring, effective leader not a political egotist and place holder like most of the Republican members. Fight the good fight or we all will lose our future.
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Ted Cruz's Moment in Time

tdevlin Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 5:13 PM
He is wonderful and the Republican party has never had a "rock star" to follow. This is our time too!
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tdevlin Wrote: Aug 23, 2013 11:23 AM
Can you imagine her screeching from the presidential pulpit with her glaringly dismissive tone?
Fabulous piece! Saw Cruz in Dallas this week and he is wonderful. He rocks!!!
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Energy Manipulation

tdevlin Wrote: Aug 14, 2013 9:59 AM
As long as the price of natural gas stays at these prices, it is not economical to explore and then drill. My family been in the oil and gas business for over 30 years and that is not long. This decrease in production will lead to loss of jobs, 1000's of jobs and higher prices as the supplies dwindle here in the US. If Obama would let the oil companies go and quit rewarding his donors, hundreds of 1000's of jobs would be created. High paying jobs and support jobs in the industry and support(food,beverage, lodging)jobs. Obama's plan is to destroy his opponents and to limit success. Not a capitalist view at all.
Obama will want everyone living in the inner city..on the transit line. That will solve his segregation problem in neighborhoods and the tax base distribution he and city mayors are worried about.
Hope Walmart sues the hell out of them for their losses. $12.50 per hour is more than some college grads are making right now!!
If you had thrown a bone to the Tea Party, you would be President. I can not believe you would not credit the movement with the 2010 victory in the House.
He likes the MSNBC liberal look. The hokey "politico" glasses. He is morphing into his guest and co anchors on Morning Joe.
The Democrats and the President would benefit from the elderly disappearing as quickly as possible. No more Tea Party, fewer Republicans, and fewer whites or anyone that remembers a better day in America able to block their liberal transformation agenda.
The Democratic voters do not care about scandal, they embrace it. Hypocrites to the end!
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