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DOJ: Family Can't Run Their Business as Catholics

tdestefano Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 3:21 PM
I think that Obama just hates Catholics. Most protestants, who are jealous of our success, do. And if Obama can't succeed in circumventing the Constitution, he'll double up with Senator Chuckie Schumer of NY and limit the 1st amendment. Communists who want to limit all our rights. And Obama hates the 2nd amendment too. He was one step away from signing the gun ban treaty with the U.N. until 51 Senators stepped in and stopped it. I heard that it was a bipartisan effort, but I doubt it very much. Maybe a few Democrats went along with it. But I bet all the Republicans were against the gun ban.

William, Paul and James Newland and their sister, Christine Ketterhagen, who together own Hercules Industries, have no right to conduct their family business in a manner that comports with their Catholic faith.

The federal government can and will compel them to either surrender their business or to engage in activities the Catholic faith teaches are intrinsically immoral.

This is exactly what President Barack Obama's Justice Department told a U.S. district court in a formal filing last week.

Never before has an administration taken such a bold step to strip Americans of the freedom of conscience -- a...