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Coulter is right as always. If we give amnesty to illegal aliens now, what is it that will stop millions more illegals from coming here. Let's face it: We have porous borders.
I know that a lot of Republicans were stupid enough to vote for this law, but almost every Democrat did causing me to switch parties. I note that I was a very active Democrat so they lose. The Democrats will seize every opportunity to raise taxes. I see that now.
The problem is not only one of higher taxes. The bigger problem is that they did not exempt small businesses who must register to collect the sales tax in about 9,600 taxing entities, keep track of all their sales sorted by 9,600 taxing entities and then filing tax returns every month or quarter for each of the 9,600 taxing entities. We also have to study the sales tax rules for all of the 9,600 entities. People: When will I have time to run my business.
If you are kidding, I say HAHAHAHA. If you are not kidding, I say that you are a moron who obviously does not pay taxes.
Listen Carol. I have no sympathy for the Catholic Church on this issue. I think the Church wants this issue to be active during the election so they can get Catholics out to vote against the Democrats. I negotiated a satisfactory settlement with a representative of HHS and presented her offer to my pastor, the lawyers at the Camden, NJ diocese and the USCCB in Washington. They not only kept me out of the loop on this, but to my knowledge, they did not pursue the settlement. By now, I could have every Church organization exempt from the HHS Mandate. So I voted for President Obama to preserve Medicaid for my sister and daughter without regard for the HHS Mandate issue. If you have any questions, please contact me.
That's a lot of bull. Did he do it or didn't he? Don't give me this "Potentially" garbage. It's wholly dishonest to speculate like that. Of course, this is a strategy used quite often by the cons in the Republican party.
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Better Aborted?

tdestefano Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 10:33 PM
Hi Carol: I find your article to be offensive, classless, exploitive and negative. I have been pro-life most of my life but I cannot in good conscience force a woman to have a baby that has a severe disability. And any method used to identify disabled children is acceptable because it serves a noble purpose. I know that President Obama supports so-called Partial Birth Abortions and I fault him for that. But he is simply playing to his constituency. If you feel strongly enough about that issue, don't vote for him. But some of us think that social justice is more important than that because partial birth abortions are so rare and the care accorded living people is so poor.
Liberals do not endorse appeasing violence. Why do you blame liberals for all that is wrong in the world? We don't do it to conservatives because liberals are more tolerant. And your statement proves how intolerant cons are.
Conservatives are about 10 times more intolerant than liberals. Just by their very definitions this is so. Liberals stand for more freedom, not less. Conservatives don't like anything.
Thanks Joe. I'm Dom DeStefano's father. Good luck and God be with you.
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