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The 25 Best Quotes From Thomas Sowell

TDBLU Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 6:36 PM
The # 14 on the list is one that strikes me more with more frustration with every year that passes. There just ARE some people who attain some education, and think they've learned so very, very much. Then there are people who attain some education, and realize there is so very, very much left to learn. I've been learning for nearly 60 years, and I'm just STARTING to realize how ignorant I am. Thank You, Mr Hawkins, for reminding us about Dr Sowell.

Thomas Sowell is not only one of the finest columnists in the business, he's a prolific author, a brilliant economist, and he has an incomparable knack for simplifying complex concepts that few other human beings can match. Enjoy the distilled wisdom!

25) "Since this is an era when many people are concerned about 'fairness' and 'social justice,' what is your 'fair share' of what someone else has worked for?"

24) "Imagine a political system so radical as to promise to move more of the poorest 20% of the population into the richest 20% than remain in the...