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Remaking America With Barack Obama

TDBLU Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 12:45 AM
The real culprits in the last election debacle were the the unforgivable wretched RINOs that did not bow-out of the election when it became apparent Romney had a solid chance of becoming the Anybody-But-Obama. Heck, I did not WANT Romney for president, But, HEwas the Anybody-But-Obama. You RINO's who did not bow out, Never forgive yourselves, and Never ask for forgiveness. Publuc ! Never forgive them ! The traitors slipped the gate key to the barbarian horde.

There's an upside, naturally, to the power grab ("We are made for this moment, and we will seize it."), the president announced to the whole world Monday.

The upside comprises of two parts: the now-we-know part and the ain't-likely-to-happen part.

What we now know is that an unabashed president elected by a slight majority of his countrymen means to go full throttle with the "progressive" agenda as his collaborators in the major media continue to identify the liberal agenda in its advanced form.

"We understand," said Barack 0bama, "that outworn programs are inadequate to the needs of our time. So we...