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Contemplating a Divorce: What Should You Do to Protect Yourself Financially?

TDBLU Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 1:34 AM
Been in several long-term relationships. Her relatives and friends think I'm the greatest thing to happeen to her, anda few years later, when I finally stop saying "Yes Dear", suddenly ,"It's just not working out". Most Women don't know what they want themselves, because most women are Libs. Now, imagine me saying all this in the manner of the character Walt in the movie "Gran Torino. And now, GFY..

Dear Carrie, My sister is contemplating a divorce. She's always worked part-time but has pretty much let her husband handle the money. She also has two kids under 10. I'm worried and want to help. Do you have suggestions for how she can protect herself financially? --A Reader

Dear Reader, When facing a divorce, emotions often cloud financial judgment, so your sister is lucky to have someone like you to help her think clearly. She could have to deal with some potentially contentious issues, such as division of assets, payment of outstanding debts, spousal and child support -- all of which...