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We already covered that. Yes, Bush was a progressive. At least Bush didn't make it a point of his campaign to say he would not do that. Remember "Hope and Change?" Remember "No lobbyists in the admin?" Remember "Most transparent admin?" You progs are very good at projection and diversion. Just because Bush did it, doesn't mean that it is OK for O to do it sevenfold.
As always, it depends on what is being subsidized. Billions for a solar projects run by a major donors? Multiple billions for corporate farming in the form of direct subsidies and forced ethanol fuel mandates? Billions to auto companies that are on the brink of failure due to gross mismanagement? Public funding for moon-shot science projects that would never get enough private funding and would advance American interests and the interests of mankind are one thing. But I don't think we have the ambition for anything like that anymore. We are too interested in living in the past and seeking social justice.
The difference between Bush and O is, Bush didn't surround himself with self-avowed card-carrying marxists, then claim that it has no bearing on his own ideology.
Yes. Bush was a progressive aka "compassionate conservative"
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Myths That Need Debunking

tdarrington Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 6:26 PM
Ectopic pregnancy is a non viable pregnancy, It would never go to term. So terminating that is a non issue. The cancer in pregnancy is extremely rare. Many cancer treatments can be started after the first trimester when the risk of teratogenicity causing birth defects is much lower. The whole abortion debate is sidetracked on these hair-splitting issues. What if, what if, what if? Your argument- If you can't explain every conceivable situation, then abortion must be allowed for all! -WRONG!
Not too many dependents in Korea to begin with. They are generally not allowed to accompany during the assignment.
A point she makes several times in the article that you didn't read. Don't comment on the headline, this isn't TheBlaze.
". Fortunately, people who are crazy AND violent tend to expose their violent fantasies very early.... even in elementary school..." ...by nibbling their Pop-Tarts into the shape of a gun. Let the teachers point out the crazy ones, that will end well.
"8...U cannot win when u cannot define conservatism. (25 words or less)" I can define Libertarian in one word: Liberty. More words: Limit government power to what is mandated in the Constitution. Govern at the lowest possible level, government is best that governs least.
Republicans, Democrats, all fighting for the power to determine what the government WILL do to you next. Nobody is fighting for the power to determine what government WON'T do, what the government will STOP doing.
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