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The Pope and Godless Capitalism

tcvegas Wrote: May 03, 2013 8:50 PM
Now there's a study in "rationality" for the budding economics student. Waste time driving to a store rather than first quickly researching where to find a product which meets requirements ....then...sort through all of the perfectly functional options at a store known as "The Low Price Leader" without finding a botique type drill....then don't purchase the item which you believed you needed..... and then use a perfectly suitable substitute which you already had on hand......strange....that's the study of economics though...and the reason why centrally planned economies are such messes...nobody can predict the seemingly irrational economic decisions which individuals will make...
I wonder if this is a good time to start the discussion of nutjob Robert Redford's soon to be released movie....which praises domestic bomber terrorists of the sixties. Those Weather Underground freinds of Obama. In an interview Redford said he agrees with the Weather Underground...when asked about "even the bombing?" he stated "All of it". This should be good.
Yep, kind of amazing that these politicians can admit that their solutions have failed, that solutions they disagree with work (concealed carry) and that they still want to enact restrictions on law abiding citizens that won't do anything other than inconvenience or deny law abiding citizens rights. The sick part is that people actually vote for them over and over again. It takes a special kind of stupid to vote for those guys...wrong about everything for the most part. Crime, economy, education, healthcare are all leftist failures...yet they still have a following. Young people will toss Democrats out forever once they have experienced firsthand the failures of leftism. Takes a little time for max misery though.
I guess I should throw "slaves" into the mix of the unhinged loser trolls. Just hold your fire...it really pisses them off!
You know they're off the charts angry when they come right out of the box with "jews", "hitler", etc...usually it takes a while to escalate to that...but this was a special sort of loss for the LOSERS. I did take pleasure in listening to Obama come unhinged today though....
Nope. I've been here and posted on many occasions. I just like to get the message out because the trolls get even madder when nobody responds. When they are taught to troll this is one of the first behaviors they learn. Say anything to get a response and throw any real discussion off track. This pollutes the thread and makes it unusable. Goal accomplished. People need to be disciplined in order to prevent giving trolls power.
Please FLAG offensive trolling in order to get it removed asap....otherwise the trolls will take control of this thread.
Please DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! This comment section will be baited with all kinds of rhetoric by America hating leftists with offensive and caustic statements which are designed to goad people into internet pissing contests. Recongnize it for what it is and IGNORE it. These people are paid trolls who want to shut you up. They do it by ruining threads with hundreds of irrelevant posts resulting from trolling behavior. IGNORE THE TROLLS. Thank You. Also, keep in mind that the Democrats have been up to this gun grabbing for decades. They never stop.
Your selected quotes are useless without reading the context of the decision. Even those quotes have cites to other cases and are at best novelties when left to stand alone. You must read the court's decision and the cited cases to get an idea of the merits of the case. I know its alot of reading but without it you are left with a misunderstanding of the decision.
Not valid structures. History is littered with the ashes of such failed "structures". You should do yourself a favor and actually study the topic throughout history. There is simply no way to have a coherent discussion until you have some kind of understanding of the issue.
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