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Say NO to GMOs in Your Food

tconnor Wrote: Jun 04, 2013 11:48 AM
Wherewith: I remember oranges and tangerines as xmas stocking stuffers in the 50s in Michigan. A rare and expensive commodity in the dead of winter for po-folk. Today a citrus shortage would be the rarity. Not knowing where you are located I'd be guessing, but without trucking you would likely forgo something due to climate, season or availability if you only buy local. Of course there are canned and dried fruits, but some turn their noses up at that. And people want perfect fruit: Worms, scab, wounds are not on the list of most home owners. Organic growers have a hard time with that. Add pesticide and it becomes A lot easier and cheaper. I agree that we have a food glut and gluttony in the USA, but there are parts of the world where that isn't so. Granted, much of that is due to greed, transportation and corruption problems, but development of plants that can grow in drought, low fertility or flood conditions etc make it easier for some to survive. But even that is a red herring in some cases. The real advantage is that with some new seed, even a monkey can grow crops. Farmers love it, and the government guarantees success. It is kind of like minimum wage for farmers. I also agree that ethanol and gasohol is on par with solar and wind as frauds paid for by the taxpayer. They would not survive without a subsidy, and in the case if corn, result in food shortages. E15 will not happen unless yield per acre increases because reserve tillable land isn't there to plant. Increased yield requires more urea fertilizer, which is made from natural gas. There is however, a glut of natural gas, but we already import urea because domestic production is at max capacity. If we would just stop the conversion of diesel and natural gas into ethanol we might be better off with natural gas powered cars, trucks etc. Oil production in the Bakken is converting to nat gas power because while they swim in raw petroleum and natural gas, there is a shortage of diesel. That's smart use of the resources at hand. 'Shopping local' if you will.