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When the ultra-dishonest Obummer and his puppet-masters have bomb strikes on countries overseas, it always conjures up what our dear friend Clinton did to Croatia. Those people and their land was bombed because Milosevic refused to become part of the EU. Milosevic was then taken by helicopter at night, to a prison where he later died, I'm sure by natural causes. And presto! Magically, Croatia marched into the EU. With that said, I'm sure these airstrikes are not against ISIS, and are nothing more than a false cover for dirty deeds. Obummer is probably best friends with ISIS. The air strikes are more than likely against anything good! Obummer doesn't like good things for anyone except himself...
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Obamacare is Affecting Everyone

Tchaikovsky Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 2:44 PM
Federal Reserve Banks? Huh? Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Who cares what an illegal institution of liars say... I'm thinking of the constitution which says no one other than Congress shall be making the money supply for the United States. But hey, Congress is full of a bunch of cowardly weasels, and have been since the private company falsely called the Federal Reserve, plopped it's dirty, little self on the scene. Maybe before it's too late and we end up in the NWO, Congress will actually do their job.
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Is Obama Getting Any Better at Golf?

Tchaikovsky Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 12:11 PM
I really don't give a fig if Obummer is getting better at golf. The concern is, "Who is he golfing with, and what are they chatting about?" I'm sure that each time he does his,"Pretend Golf", something gets discussed and will later be destroyed, whether it be something in the U.S. or Iraq or something else. But, we must always remember that those fools are doing nothing in secret because God sees everything and the reckoning day is not far off!
This is all so very sad. All we can do is to pray for those girls and their families. The UN certainly won't do anything to help them. It's probably a similar situation as Rwanda where the UN was an encourager of all the destruction...
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Ferguson: The War Comes Home

Tchaikovsky Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 11:17 AM
"This country's attention was diverted away from Iraq and Gaza to Ferguson." How cute! It just goes to show that the folks running the country pretty much think everyone is dumber than a box of rocks. When something terribly newsworthy is going on in Israel, our "leaders" pull the rabbit out of the hat. And Eric just loves to pull the "racism rabbit"...
Obummer and many of his partners-in-crime, are nothing but a bunch of weasels and sissies, otherwise they wouldn't need to undermine the US. But that doesn't change the fact that Inhoffe as well as others are DENYING that Obummer and his crew have the goal of destroying the United States-they are doing nothing haphazardly. Ever since Obummer began his stay at the WH we have seen nothing but destruction in this country. As long as any of those people who actually care about the U.S. continue to say-he's just naive, things will only get worse. He's not naive, he just doesn't belong in our country.
"Boy who was killed from Gaza mortar identified as Daniel Tragerman. Sources say mortar was fired from UNRWA school."... This came from an article about the 4-year old on Arutz Sheva, Israel's #1 online newspaper.
Obummer and his puppet-masters are not putting out, "stupid policies". They are perfectly reasonable for the insane people that are running this country. And we have enough sissies in our government that are afraid of their own shadow. So they do nothing to help this country, which is hurting it tremendously. All the while, those sissies sit back and watch the destruction the insane folks put forth and say, "Oh, I can't do anything because I benefit too, too much, besides I don't care about all those little people anyway."...
I agree with this article with one exception. It is a form of terrorism, which is proving to be successful, but I think it stems from all the one-world baloney over in Europe. It behooves the NWO to destroy confidence in the dollar and societal functions in the United States. But that does not excuse the easily-led children in Congress and the rest of our government...
Well, if Israel promises to eliminate Hamas permanently, they can begin just about anytime now... There is really no other choice because there are nothing but foolish countries all around Israel that are chomping at the bit to see who'll destroy you first! So, no matter what Israel does, it's wrong according to the half-wits surrounding you. So you may as well get a little satisfaction while the getting is good before the BOZOS at the EU inhabit Gaza and then take Jerusalem! Please God and not the the bumble heads! Eternal security with God is far more lasting than anything...
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