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Obummer the NWO fella doesn't give a fig! He and his puppet masters would like nothing better than for Iran to go nuclear so it can play war games and all the world will be frightened into the NWO, aka,Tower of Babel#2. He'd also love for the United States to have an Iranian nuke aimed at it, so if we tried to help Israel, we'd get nailed. Remember Rahmbo's and Hitlery's motto-never let a good crisis go to waste. All is being set-up for the U.S. to beg admission into this NWO...
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Obama's Mixed Messages on War

Tchaikovsky Wrote: 3 hours ago (12:24 PM)
Mixed Messages? I don't think so. Obummer is mouthing a myriad of words to cover all the bases so he and his puppet-masters can do whatever they please, whenever they please, and everyone WILL accept it because it was, oh-so twistedly said at one point in time. Just another Slick Willy tactic...
For all the uninformed...the NWO had to make something up to unite the world, mostly because the NWO is full of eevil retards. FYI-the climate of the earth is following it's normal pattern, and several years ago these NWO BOZOS tried the Global Freezing routine. They frighten the young into believing their hogwash because they know young minds are so moldable. And presto, they have all these young NWO followers. But you must remember...THIS is Tower of Babel #2, and God WILL judge this!
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It's Better Now

Tchaikovsky Wrote: 20 hours ago (6:54 PM)
"But violent crime is down."... What a relief to know that all the shootings and beheadings are just made up. I'll bet Obummer is even made up. It's all a dream...
And I'm surprised because... The CDC(Center for Disease Circulation)has it's orders from headquarters. Look for more unusual things to be deposited in the United States. Chances are excellent the WHO is ticked beyond belief that we don't have all the degenerate diseases of the 3rd worlders, so they want to make sure we acquire these wonderful things-EVEN IF THEY MUST SHIP THEM IN. You know, they have their plants in place to allow the stuff in. And the NWO folks are just as happy as can be...
DISEASED MINDS...I love it! No one else has the guts to tell the UN what a bunch of useless POS's they really are. The UN, along with the EU are so FILTHY. Bibi, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose by telling them where to go, what to do, and how to do it. Stand by the IDF and let them demolish all those terrorist groups, Israel will be wrong ion the eyes of the world no matter what they do-so at least PROTECT Israel! Obummer and his administration are just a bunch of FILTHY slugs like the EU & the UN. All these degenerates have to answer to GOD on Judgement Day. They need the sulfur and the pigs too!
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Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?

Tchaikovsky Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 11:37 AM
There is absolutely NO reason that Holder should not be tried for murder, regardless of whether or not he's in office or out of office. Just use the rules that the two-bit piece of trash used. If we started using the rules these FILTHY slugs use, they'd go no further than the garbage can to find their pickins'...
Well, well, well! Talk about LAME. Reminds me of the bunk that Hillary pulled when her popularity numbers plummeted at one point. Had to drum up some sympathy from the voters. But as I recall, it worked just about as well as a sore thumb!
Well, what else can be expected from a government FULL of grubs, leeches, and harlots! Isn't D'Souza an example to scare anyone who is thinking about being a conservative? Hey, it pays to be a radical bumb! This is no different than Obummercare, which is somewhere around 2,000 pages. The collection of FILTHY lawyers worded the parchment to be twisted to mean whatever fits the radicals' plans to destroy the United States. And everyone watches the parade as if it will all disappear when so and so leaves the administration. None of this will leave until they are smoked out with sulfur and pigs..
"The terrified people of the world, desperate for a strong leader, will turn to this man and give him control of the governments of the world."... Very GOOD article! I am very glad you wrote this, and am looking forward to the next installment. It still amazes me that even after the Hitler shenanigans, people clamor for Hitler#2 like little children who have lost their mommy. And what's worse, is that people fail to see all the world events as part of the overall plan. And so it goes...
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