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Just who assigned that job to you? Do you get to select the sins of others that you want to help them reject? If you include that "Judge Not" thingie in your sin list it seems you'd be in a lot of hurt.
Right, just toss away those kids who come out as Gay like you've been doing for years. That's the Christian thing to do isn't it? And you people wonder why more pews are empty each week and with the passing of each hearse. Amazingly your Jesus uttered not one word against homosexuals. And yet so many conduct their lives around worrying about the marriage of two homosexuals while standing in line for yet another divorce.
But if it's two women you ask to watch?
Chances are more than one of your Grandchildren will be homosexual.
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The Case Against “Equality” Part 2

tcall Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 9:53 PM
You post your "feature question" like straight folks don't get married every day of the year just to get that green card. If you folks had spent just half the money you've thrown away to fight marriage equality and put the money into programs to stop or at least slow down divorce in this country it would be a better place for the children. Whose next on your hate list after bashing Gays and Lesbians finally makes you look like you use the N word when describing your neighbors?
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