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Eric Holder Feels "Remorse" Over Monitoring Fox News Reporter?

tc5bwe Wrote: May 28, 2013 1:48 PM
Remorse? ...only over being caught. He did what he wanted to do and like most progressives doesn't want any consequence.

Apparently since he got caught secretly monitoring Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen, something he wanted to do for years while accusing Rosen of a being a criminal co-conspirator, Attorney General Eric Holder is feeling some remorse.

For Attorney General Eric Holder, the gravity of the situation didn’t fully sink in until Monday morning when he read the Post’s front-page story, sitting at his kitchen table. Quoting from the affidavit, the story detailed how agents had tracked Rosen’s movements in and out of the State Department, perused his private emails, and traced the timing of...