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"NO" We don't want it removed. It doesn't hurt you to allow others their freedom of religion.
From a're absolutely right Ann!
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Cruz Control?

tc5bwe Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 7:23 PM
Not often that I disagree with Mr. Sowell but on his opinion of Cruz I do. Unfortunately the leadership of the Republican party are too similar to the leadership of the Democrats. They want things that the people don't want and abuse the Constitution and their vow to maintain it. I do hope that the Hitler comparison is not valid...but we will yet see. Cruz could be a wolf in sheeps' clothing but I don't think so. I'll just keep praying for the country.
McCain's reaction proves that he is entering the combative stage of senility.
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Ted Cruz still a dual US-Canadian citizen

tc5bwe Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 9:19 PM
Would someone please "get over it"! We have five children who are dual citizens and are valiant patriots of the USA. At least Cruz is up front about have dual citizenship. Mr Obama on the other hand has "layers of lies" about his.
Let me see. Did I get this right? The Romney family has family photos taken and MSNBC and this self-styled comedian choose to make it a political/race issue? What kind of morons are these "panelists"? They just became racists by mocking a family photo. They're sick.
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Albuquerque Rejects Historic Pro-Life Bill

tc5bwe Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 10:35 AM
Perhaps everyone should be reminded that Sanger's intent in promoting abortion, or reproductive freedom as liberals are want to say, was to kill as many black babies as possible in order to get rid of the inferior race. Planned Parenthood is the organization that proves to be the vehicle conceived of to make that happen. It doesn't matter how many medals are given, it just means that if you're ignorant of the purposes of an organization, you'll support them to your own destruction. Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger are abominations!
Now take his golf game away .... and you'd see some depression. You have to consider what he really cares about.
The woman is a dangerous moron.
This is irrefutable proof that the UN is the world's biggest joke!
Tell me this wasn't the Administration plan. Oops! We didn't secure the weapons and we didn't know that the bad guys were the bad guys ... if there are any bad guys...which we don't think .... well ....don't blame us.
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