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So Virginians...are you really so dense that you would vote for McCauliffe? You must love Communism in any guise then. It's pathetic that he would have any support at all and gives little hope that freedom will be ours for much longer.
Well said...but this President only listens to himself speak. He NEVER listens to the people of this country who make, do, study, and learn.
Hanoi Jane. Why would anyone cast her as the wife of Ronald Reagan? Another huge calculation by the Hollywood elitists. Guess they figure that the young people of the country wouldn't know that Jane was a traitor to the captive US military men in Vietnam. I will not forget.
He's not running for it...he already has the title. This man is evil.
...and I believe that pigs fly! Put your money where your mouth is Boehner because you've betrayed us too many times for us to believe your empty statements. Let's see some constitutional action.
The House should pass NOTHING concerning immigration. They should not allow anything that could go to a conference committee. I'm so angry I could spit!!!! These corrupt politicians are no longer, if they were ever at all, representatives of the people. They're power seeking narcissists. We WANT a border fence...not the promise of actual fence! We want our laws enforced...not over-ridden by executive order! We want TRUTH not LIES!! We want to be LISTENED TO...and OBEYED!
How many times do we have to say "NO" to comprehensive Immigration amnesty til they wear us down? These elected representatives are consuming our liberties at historic and unprecedented rates. They act as if they have been crowned and are now the aristocracy of America. Any person who has been in elected positions for more than six years needs to retire to earning a living in the private sector.
Pelosi is the personification of evil.
Exactly!! The Dems and Progressives have bought, bullied, lied and cheated their way to many victories...most notably was the Al Franken win and most egregious the defeat of Alan West. The rot of corruption is everywhere.
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More to Learn about Lerner's Abuses

tc5bwe Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 10:03 PM
So Congress...bring charges against Lerner. Stop her salary completely. Audit her tax returns and then all of her family. Interrogate her religious, business and other contacts. Interrogate her family. Bring every personal lawsuit you can against her.Tie her up in red tape until the Second Coming.
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