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This is irrefutable proof that the UN is the world's biggest joke!
Tell me this wasn't the Administration plan. Oops! We didn't secure the weapons and we didn't know that the bad guys were the bad guys ... if there are any bad guys...which we don't think .... well ....don't blame us.
The Corrupt administration IS doing's just not what the people of the country want nor is it Constitutional. We've elected people to represent us that want to destroy the freedoms granted in this country to gain power and money.
If Virginia votes McAuliffe in they will rue the day. He will destroy the state and blame anyone and everyone but himself. Anyone taking Bloomberg money should be suspect of being anti-constitutional and a destroyer of freedom.
Truly disgusting and dishonorable behavior on display by the Democrats.
Oh NO!!! Please say that he was making a poor joke. If she ends up on the Supreme Court we as a people are in deep trouble.
Boehner is no longer a closet Democrat. He's been kissing the President for a while now and doing all that he can to grind the people, who sent Constitutional conservatives to the House, into the ground. Power and money is all these lifelong house and senate reps want. Boehner and Cantor have now told the rank and file what they want them to do...or else!
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