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Exxon CEO to 'Fracking' Haters: "Prove It." Oh Wait, You Can't.

TBONE58 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 6:07 PM
Just that---a statement. There is no 'proof'. The burden of proof lies elsewhere.

Last Friday, I bemoaned President Obama's latest executive order assigning a "task force" to oversee the domestic development of natural gas. It's a crafty little piece of strategery designed to make it appear as if his administration is encouraging the possibilities of natural gas, but also throwing a bone to the environmentalist lobby by promising to strictly regulate the "fracking" technique they insist causes all manner of public-health and environmental ills. And, in typical Obama-fashion, it won't actually accomplish anything except to retard the growth of a promising industry and prevent the creation of real, private-sector, productive jobs and...