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The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine

tblack Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 2:07 AM
Huff Puff (As I like to call them) also HEAVILY CENSORS ANY CONSERVATIVE COMMENTS. Many MANY times, my comment is NOT posted. (My comment will have NOTHING objectionable in it,) and yet, it NEVER SHOWS UP. I have also believe that liberals/and or/ Huff Puff have ORGANIZED WEB COMMENTERS, and they give them "heads up" to flood H.P. "news" stories with liberal comments. I believe they are organized, and not (all) regular people, commenting. I have watched this website closely. Huff Puff is a incredibly dishonest, evil, and UN American propaganda website that will do anything, ANYTHING TO WIN.
Lepanto Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 10:08 PM
tblack, I noticed the same thing regarding my comments. Are you surprised the left would censor Conservatives?

Its revolting attacks on conservatives notwithstanding, The Huffington Post has achieved a level of mainstream acceptance that even a propaganda shop would envy.


From Townhall Magazine's August feature, "The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine," by Dan Gainor:

If Joe Stalin and Joseph Goebbels had a love child, it might be called The Huffington Post.

The level of mainstream acceptance The Huffington Post has achieved to deliver its leftist message is virtually unmatched and something that...