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America Needs Leadership, Not Empty Rhetoric

tbashaw Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:55 AM
the only way liberals know how to create jobs is to enslave people to the government. We are being enslaved daily by new regulations and taxes. Feel it? Like it?

WASHINGTON -- Would you vote for a president seeking re-election with annual economic growth stalled at a feeble 1.3 percent, unemployment and underemployment at 14.7 percent, and no plan to get America moving again?

Would you vote for him if he had presided over a deficit-spending binge that ran up four yearly budget deficits well over $1 trillion and whose party in the Senate has refused to pass a budget in the last three years?

Would you vote for an incumbent who offered the voters no specific legislative agenda indicating what he hoped to achieve by 2017 if given another four-year term?

Would you...