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Minority Student Needs

taznar Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 2:56 PM
"...we should tell students exactly how to behave and tolerate no disorder" Which is exactly what all successful schools tell students of all races. Tolerating misbehavior in minority students is racist -you're telling them they're not capable of good behavior like the white students. Which we all know is wrong. They can and will behave if that's what's expected and required. Its like the notion of telling black and Hispanic students they don't need to be fluent in proper English (verbal & written). I tell my own children its important, so what would it mean if I tell minority students it isn't important for them?
"it wants to stop labeling people" Does that mean they'll no longer call every Republican "conservative", "ultra-conservative" or "right-wing"? For that matter, will they stop labeling people "Democrat", "Republican", "liberal", or "conservative"? Or is it just certain people they'll "stop labeling"?
More bullying & intimidation. I read this right on the heels of reading the stories of liberal groups sending out localized mailings telling people which of their neighbors have/haven't voted recently, so they can "urge" them to go vote. Or the ones that "helpfully" tell you who's campaigns your neighbors have been donating to. The purpose of those mailings is pretty clear.
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Canada's 'Scientific' Museum of Smut

taznar Wrote: May 25, 2012 12:42 PM
How can they call it educational if they leave out the "consequences" part? They showed "aroused genitalia" but did they have a display showing genital herpes with blisters & open lesions? Last statistics I saw from the CDC show 1 in 6 Americans between the ages of 14-49 are infected. Shouldn't that be as important as slang names for body parts? How about one showing the ravages of AIDS? Was that shown? Did they discuss the psychological affects of sex, particularly on the young? How it affects both current and future relationships? If it doesn't show & discuss those things, its not "educational" its "indoctrinal".
"Cow Pie"??? Was he trying to "connect" with Iowans? Because as a native Iowan, I can tell you not even the elementary school kids use that term any more. And he's obviously never heard a farmer talking on the farm or the terms would have been much more colorful.
"any gun submitted for tracing in Mexico and traced back to the U.S. is counted" That's what makes the 70% number misleading. As I understand it, Mexico only submits guns for tracing if they have reason to believe they may have come from the US. So what this really means is 70% of the guns the Mexican government thinks came from the US, actually do come from the US.
A lot of small towns do that. In many residential neighborhoods, like the one I live in, there is a mailbox "kiosk" (for lack of a better word) every block where the mail gets delivered. They look like miniature versions of the wall of boxes you would see in the post office. So rather than having to stop at every house, its one stop per block which saves a lot of time. I may be wrong, but it seems like one of the costliest parts of the service is the to-the-door delivery model.
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