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Let's hope the Democrats are arrogant enough to run in 2014 on defending the IRS, the VA and Obamacare.
Koskinen is a political appointed by Obama because he believes Americans are so stupid they will fall for the fairy tales coming out of this White House and IRS. Jail the bums and impeach Obama, just like Nixon.
Once we get a GOP Senate, the House can impeach Obama. Nothing less will do.
What does this President do all day? Seems he never knows anything unless it's in the newspaper,
Close enough for government work.
Then why on earth did these morons choose McCain in the last GOP primary against J.D. Hayworth?
Further damage to race relations, courtesy of the post racial President.
The House should pass no legislation until Obamacare is implemented its original form or repealed.
MSNBC hosts seem to be racking up the apologies lately.
Jesus himself said He did not come to change the law, but to fulfill the law. Liberals always seem to ignore that.
GLAAD and A&E misjudged the people who watch Duck Dynasty. They believed people watched only to laugh at these, what they would describe as "country bumpkins". Never in their dreams did they understand that people actually identified with their family values and religious views. Makes me feel so much better about my fellow citizens.
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