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Just keeping people dependent on government is a socialist's definition of success.
If only Obama watched FOXNews he would know what's happening,
Seems to be a lot of botox in that picture
She's so wooden in her speech pattern that she makes Hillary sound like Demosthenes.
It's not what Obama says, it's what he does that counts.
Washington corrupts them all. After 12 years, very few represent the best interests of those who elected them.
Guess the War on Women hasn't worked. So let's throw something else against the wall to distract from the Obama Disaster.
Wow! The GOP finally gets it right. Liberals are too dumb to understand the implications.
Let's hope the Democrats are arrogant enough to run in 2014 on defending the IRS, the VA and Obamacare.
Koskinen is a political appointed by Obama because he believes Americans are so stupid they will fall for the fairy tales coming out of this White House and IRS. Jail the bums and impeach Obama, just like Nixon.
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