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The Dems Secret Plan to "Help" the Tea Party

taustin165 Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 12:35 PM
Ok folks it works like this. If someone says they are a TEA Party supported candidate ask them what TEA Party group they have been working with. Look into their background and see what donations they have made and what letters they may have written to their local paper. The local and area TEA party groups are becoming very good at vetting people. In Carteret County NC an individual ran for state office saying he supported the TEA Party line. He had the backing of the machine in Raleigh. It was the TEA Party that did the research that showed he was a huge supporter of the democrat governor and had done nothing with any TEA Party groups. Do NOT take a person’s word for them being a follower or member of the TEA Party.

The Democrats love to hate Rush Limbaugh, and yet they are now taking a page right out of his playbook. Republicans remember well in 2008 when Rush implored listeners to take part in what he dubbed “Operation Chaos.”  The plan was to encourage Republicans and independents to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, in order to deny Barack Obama the nomination outright and create a chaotic, free-for-all at their convention.  In other words, a brilliant game of sabotage. 

Rush’s plan didn’t quite work, but the Democrats hope to improve on the concept with, let’s call it,...