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Apology to an Anti-Chicken Bigot

taustin165 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 9:48 AM
I find no real fault with the column as written, but there are a couple of things to consider. Your first name is Mike. Your family name is Adams. The title is Professor. Your driver's license does not have Professor on it. It has your given name, Mike Adams (or your full name). I have always considered the term Mister (Mr.) as a sign of respect. As for the right to bring a lawsuit, they can do that. Their problem would be in proving the suit. I hope this Mr. Brice Horton doesn't do anything as the court system is already over full with pointless suits and one should not encourage stupidity. I do agree with the writer that the arrogance of people protected by the PC police has grown to where it interferes with the quality of life of those of us that just wish to be left alone. If you don't like a burger place or sandwich joint, don't eat there. It is like the sticker on my car: "You Don't Like Guns? Don't Buy One". If this individual Brice Horton does not like someone giving their personal opinion and wishes them stopped, then he should be ready to give up his right to voice his.
Ok folks it works like this. If someone says they are a TEA Party supported candidate ask them what TEA Party group they have been working with. Look into their background and see what donations they have made and what letters they may have written to their local paper. The local and area TEA party groups are becoming very good at vetting people. In Carteret County NC an individual ran for state office saying he supported the TEA Party line. He had the backing of the machine in Raleigh. It was the TEA Party that did the research that showed he was a huge supporter of the democrat governor and had done nothing with any TEA Party groups. Do NOT take a person’s word for them being a follower or member of the TEA Party.
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