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Well, node of rude, I see you were out of cogent arguments some time ago. I suggest you spend some time crafting a reasoned and convincing argument to let folks know how this is good for their children rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks. I do not expect it, but I might as well offer the advice.
I used to eat well in excess of 2500 calries a day as a middling athlete(runner, soccer player). I'd have been in complete misery under this draconian measure. Further, these kids need elemets like salt which have been largely removed in preparing these foods.
You mean the DNC I am sure
If you are this concerned about health, BAN cigarettes.
AND nutrition science has proven we have the same general caloric needs, except when we are outside the first deviation on the metabolic curve, or we participate in more physical activity than the norm, etc. No food product is truly unhealthy. That word is used to describe products which are just fine for you to eat in moderation. That said, WTH are they doing serving black beans and hummus to pre-school and elementary aged kids? I bet it did not even have sufficient seasoning nor spices to be anything but an unappetizing paste.
The meaning of liberal has changed from open to 'politically reliable' Deny the change all you wish, but the evidence is there. 'Liberals' said global warming - those who debated it were called 'deniers as if they were denying the National Socialists murdered millions of Jews.
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