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Politically correct is a derivative of politically reliable - a term coined and its results used by Ioseph Stalin... Food for thought girls.
It is fun Stats time; No sitting president polling under 50% nationally has ever won re-election. Have fun!
Then just stop trying to save those who do not want to be miserable for 40 years eating unseasoned pap they do not like who can shorten their lifespans by a year. Sheesh
I surely hope you do not mean the possesive of belong rather than meaning included, though the rest of your argument describes ownership... You are not responsible for my daughter, nor am I responsible for your crumb crunchers. It is no wonder people call the left a bunch of control freaks.
Obese in this case is determined by BMI. BMI is a number never meant to measure an individual, it was meant to be a rule of thumb for statistically determining obesity in large groups. Oddly, when BMI is abblied to me, I am obese . This is especially odd as my body is that of an athlete and I am not flabby in the least. Ergo, BMI is being used incorrectly for political purposes or out of ignorance.
When will people realize, it is not the makeup of the food it is the simple math of calories ingested versus calories used which determines your level of body fat / weight.
And you have evidence of his crime? If youo do, and you withold it, you are an accessory after the fact.
Do you need sensitivity training again? Say it with a lisp and it sounds even dumber than it is.
Well, node of rude, I see you were out of cogent arguments some time ago. I suggest you spend some time crafting a reasoned and convincing argument to let folks know how this is good for their children rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks. I do not expect it, but I might as well offer the advice.
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